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Justin Cook



Tyler Savage, Dash Hawkins, JP Castel, Chase Joliet




Humanity’s Place in the Cosmos


If you had to leave your home in order to survive, where would you go? What would you bring with you? Who would you live with? Beyond Earth presents a compelling account of the precarious trends occurring around the world, as well as the actions we may take to preserve human existence.

Embark on a journey beyond the limits of Earth’s atmosphere with some of the brightest scientific minds and most adventurous explorers, as they investigate the prospects for humankind’s survival in the solar system, within the Milky Way Galaxy, and amongst the extraterrestrial contents of the Universe.



Mankind’s Future in the Stars


The world that we inhabit is a treasure whose gifts should be passed down from generation to generation. However, change is an inevitable fact of life and one day our Earthly existence may be at risk of ending.


In Beyond Earth, top scientists, government leaders, and visionary entrepreneurs examine the realities of life’s frailty on our pale blue dot in the cosmos, and share their hopes and ideas for the future of our species. There may come a time in the near future when humanity must decide whether to stay and risk extinction on a dying planet, or abandon it for better prospects of survival elsewhere in the universe.


Where We Came From. Where We Are. Where We’re Going.



Mahatma Gandhi poetically articulated his belief that “the Earth has enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.” However, issues caused by overpopulation and the damaging effects human activities are having on the Earth’s environment are pushing the planet’s systems, and Gandhi’s words, to their limits.

As far as we know, all intelligent life in exists within a thin atmospheric layer protecting a rocky, watery planet orbiting one of the 200 billion stars in the Milky Way, a single galaxy of at least 2 trillion in the observable universe. Born from that intelligence, technology has helped sustain the human species and our evolutionary ancestors for millions of years on Earth, and we’ll continue to depend on it for our survival into the future.

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