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Justin Cook



Tyler Savage, Dash Hawkins, JP Castel, Chase Joliet




Chase Joliet

As an adopted child, Ryan never had a clear sense of family. Always the loner, he’s found a home in his ancé, but he’s about to discover how little he truly knows himself.

INHERITANCE, Tyler Savage (2017), It Comes At Night, Trey Edward Shults (2017), KRISHA, Trey Edward Shults (2015), Friday Night Lights (TV Series, 2010)


Sara Montez

Balancing out her ancé, Isi has a typically positive outlook. While she’s focused on her career in hospitality, an unexpected pregnancy is making her rethink her priorities.



INHERITANCE, Tyler Savage (2017), Pitch (TV Series, 2016), Laced and Loaded (TV Series, 2016)


Tim Abell

The enigma at the center of our story, Frank Morse has spent the last twenty- five years of his life in seclusion in the small town of Herald Point, CA. His son is soon to discover the unspeakable tragedy that forced Frank to leave the world of the living behind.


INHERITANCE, Tyler Savage (2017), Sniper: Special Ops, Fred Olen Ray (2016), We Were Soldiers, Randall Wallace (2002), Soldier of Fortune, Inc. (TV Series, 1999)


Kate Norby

A figure at once haunting and maternal, Ryan’s mother Katherine is at the center of the mystery he’s attempting to uncover.


INHERITANCE, Tyler Savage (2017), Mad Men (TV Series, 2007),

The Devil’s Rejects, Rob Zombie (2005)


Dale Dickey

An overzealous local realtor, Effy can’t wait to get her hands on Ryan’s recently-inherited home. But her eagerness may reveal hidden motivations.


INHERITANCE, Tyler Savage (2017), Hell or High Water, David Mackenzie (2016), True Blood (TV Series, 2012-13), Super 8, J.J. Abrams (2011), Winter’s Bone, Debra Granik (2010), Breaking Bad (TV Series, 2009)


Krisha Fairchild

Another recluse living on the coast, Bonnie possesses oracular qualities. But she’s no longer lucid enough to give Ryan the warning he needs.


INHERITANCE, Tyler Savage (2017), KRISHA, Trey Edward Shults (2016),
The Killing of John Lennon, Andrew Piddington (2006), Highway, James Cox (2002)


Drew Powell

Though he presents himself as a long-last family member, Ryan quickly sees through Del’s lies. But he’ll soon realize that he doesn’t begin to understand this nefarious figure.


NHERITANCE, Tyler Savage (2017), Gotham (TV Series, 2017), The Mentalist (TV Series, 2013), Ray Donovan (TV Series, 2013), Straw Dogs, Rod Lurie (2011),

1408, Mikael Hafstrom (2007)

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