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Justin Cook



Tyler Savage, Dash Hawkins, JP Castel, Chase Joliet





Creating Inheritance was a huge undertaking that required the collaborative efforts of the entire cast and crew. Click on the download link below to access the Inheritance Press Kit, including the film synopsis, director’s statement, full credit list, filmmaker bios, production stills, and more.

“Savage uses the dark essences of an even more gloomy past to highlight this modern-day ghost story”

“…a deftly woven, completely beguiling amalgamation of surrealist nightmare and pure state-of-nature human dread.”

“In a world where everything’s been done before, it was nice to see Inheritance forge its own path and become a different breed of movie than I expected it to be… the perfect mix of horror and drama… the perfect date movie…”

“…relishes in twisting your stomach into knots, and when you've had enough, disemboweling you physically and emotionally, with a ghastly smile on its bloody face; I can't recommend it enough.”

“…a striking character study that examines how a family’s dark past can continue to tear people apart decades later…”


“Reminiscent of the silent but powerful fury captured in BLUE RUIN, the film tightens like a guitar string through most of the film and when that string is tightened too much, the break is rather impactful.”

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